BioMeat is focused on investing in and supporting unique R&D companies in the FoodTech industry.

What is FoodTech?

Changes are happening in the food industry; the animal products we eat today may no longer be relevant tomorrow.

With rising population rates and an increased demand for animal protein, prices have risen and the production chain is no longer a sustainable, reliable, source of meat. Enter FoodTech, an industry which meat substitutes and alternative proteins.

As consumers demand increased transparency in the ingredients, processes, and ethics of food manufacturers, many consumers are becoming aware of the problems inherent in factory meat. These problems include, but are not limited to, the environmental impacts caused by the meat industry, which are expected only to increase as the world’s population expands.

Reflecting this shift, investments in FoodTech companies reached $18.5 billion in 2019, mostly in early-stage companies. This number is expected to grow aggressively, reaching $40 billion by 2026 – a sign indicating that the industry is still in its early stages and signaling enormous opportunity for investors.

What is BioMeat?


With an emphasis on companies which develop meat substitutes and alternative proteins, BioMeat is focused on investing in and supporting unique R&D companies in the FoodTech industry.

We are a publicly traded investment fund.

Our experienced management team and unique partnership with the Solbar Food Technologies, a leading Israeli industrial player in the plant protein industry, position BioMeat as a uniquely influential company in the field.

Meet the Team

Gilles Gamon

Gilles Gamon


Gilles is an entrepreneur and director in Israel’s food industry, and acts as an adviser and mentor to companies involved in the industry of sugar and protein alternatives. During his years at Sugat, he served in a variety of management positions, including as the company’s CEO.

Gamon currently serves as Sugat’s Chairman, after he successfully competed to purchase it as a representative of ED&MAN in Israel.

Gamon holds a PhD in economics from the Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

Sarah Tahor

Sarah Tahor

VP Investments

Sarah brings BioMeat her extensive experience in initiating, advising, and leading companies in the fields of hi-tech and venture capital, including business strategy, acquisitions and mergers, business development, and strategic partnerships. She is the founder and CEO of Can Innovations, an international accelerator founded in Canada for innovative technologies in the fields of FoodTech, Industry 4.0, AgTech, and Medtech.

Tahor served as VP Business Development for the public company Lift & Co. (TXSV: LIFT) and has served as senior manager for business development at several start-up companies both in Israel and the United States.