OVO has developed an all-natural formula influencing the sex development process in chicken embryos to reassign female embryos to develop as males, who are better at gaining weight from the same amount of chicken feed. This allows for increased efficiency in the commercial chicken farming industry, as well as better living conditions for the chickens in the coops, with more space per chicken and reduced stress in the coops themselves.

More Foods uses alternative sources of protein, such as inactivated yeast, in order to make alternative meat products which are price competitive with those made from pea protein, and has already produced its first product, More Beef, made entirely from plant protein. The company aims to demonstrate a speed of at least 100 kilograms per hour within the next year.

Efishient develops a cleaner environment with toxin-free water, reduce pressure on wild fisheries, eliminate need for foreign imports, and enhance food security.
Efishient develops cultured fish meat for human consumption that is cleaner and at a lower cost than standard grown fish.

Meatafora Producing the highest quality meat, grown directedly from cells, using edible and affordable plant-based platform, and in a scalable and sustainable animal-friendly process. We believe that our cultivated meat will provide nutritional security, as well as increasing food safety worldwide.

Rilbite’s innovative technology uses between 6-8 ingredients per product and allows for the replacement of up to 70% of the product’s ingredients, as well as significantly saves on the amount of water used in the final product. The company aims to  create a unique production center which will allow up to 1 ton to be produced per hour and has a plant in Ashdod, which meets local and international regulations.